fish picture

Star fish picture

Any of various marine echinoderms of the class Asteroidea, characteristically having a thick, often spiny body with five arms extending from a central disk or Any one of numerous species of echinoderms belonging to the class Asterioidea, in which the body is star-shaped and usually has five rays, though the number of rays varies from five to forty or more. The rays are often long, but are sometimes so short as to appear only as angles to the disk like body. Star fish colour in picture to print.

This unusual creature can be found in rock pools all over the world, they have an amazing hydraulic system as apposed to muscles. This complicated system uses water to help its hundreds of feet to cling to rocks, you'll know how affective this system is if you have ever tried to pry one from a rock. The starfish feed on mollusks, barnacles and sometimes on shell fish. They have a system using two stomachs one of which is able to be pushed out of the body to engulf and semi digest food. For example the Starfish is able to break part of the shell of a shell fish and inject its stomach into the shell fish to eat and start digesting the contents, it then transfers the semi digested food to the internal stomach to finish digesting. Starfish are a major problem in many areas, these fish are inadvertently transported to areas with no star fish populations and no predators in the ballast water of large ships, these ships discharge the ballast water with the Star fish in it into ports prior to loading and because there is plenty of food for them and no real predators the populations flourish and can decimate coral areas very quickly. There is one poisonous Star fish called the Crown of Thorn, but most are not harmful.

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