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Parrot fish picture

Any of various brightly coloured tropical marine fishes, especially of the family Scaridae, having fused teeth resembling a parrot's beak.

This colourful reef fish get their name from their teeth which are fused together creating a beak like look, like a parrot. The fish uses this strong mouth to scrape algae from the coral reef's of our tropical oceans. This feeding system causes damage to the reef and can kill of large areas while feeding. There is an estimated eighty species of this brightly coloured fish with a size range of one to four feet long. This fish sleeps at night, some cover themselves with sand and others coat themselves with a mucus type substance that camouflages and protects them from night predators, in the morning the Parrot fish discards the cover in the morning. These fish tend to bread in deep water and in some species the female can become male over a period of a few days for the breading season, which is generally in the summer months. The male will protect the females from predators during mating. Out of the mating season the Parrot fish usually live in shallow reef areas. Some species are edible but generally are not good eating. They are a colourful and active fish that is a popular addition to the home aquarium.

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