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Any of various brightly coloured tropical Pacific scorpion fishes of the genus Pterois, having venomous spines in the dorsal fin.

These beautiful fish are found in the Indian and tropical oceans, they are generally lazy and tend to wait on the edges of drop offs and caves to catch their prey, however they sometimes hunt in packs to heard the prey into areas where they can trap them. They have the ability to move quickly over very short distances to catch dinner usually small fish shrimps and worms but other wise are slow lazy swimmers. Adult fish are usually between 8 and 15 inches. Their spiny fins are poisonous but not fatal to humans, however a spike will give a lot of pain and it is suggested that applying heat to the affected area will help reduce the pain. The poisonous spikes are used as a self defence mechanism and are not used to hunt or kill their prey. When in danger the loin fish will spread its fins to protect itself. It is possible to keep this fish in a home aquarium if your tank is big enough, however you should be careful of what other species you have in the tank as they may end up as dinner for your Loin fish. They are voracious feeders and as such take a lot of care. They come in a variety of colours including a combination of red, black, white, cream, brown and orange.

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