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Links to more fish websites

  • North Coast Marines
    Livestock, including coral. Complete line of tropical fish aquarium supplies and clown fish hardware.

  • Marine Depot
    Hardware, food and fly fishing additives as well as livestock and live rock/sand for aquariums.

  • Aquatic Technology
    Columbia, Ohio big fish retail outlet offering live stock, supplies, and advice for reef and marine systems.

  • MTC Distributors, Inc.
    Features marine fish, fish tanks invertebrates and aquarium hardware.

  • Aquacon
    Saltwater fish, live corals, clams, bass fishing anemones and inverts along with books and supplies.

  • Aquatics by KR, LLC
    Offers books, supplies, equipment and fishing boats livestock for marine and reef aquariums.

  • AngelsPlus
    Breeding angelfish, guppies, bettas and selling related supplies.

  • Thiel's InfoBase
    Database of articles on reef and marine aquaria. Includes discussion forum and newsletter.

  • Pet Solutions
    Fish and aquarium supplies, feed, live plants, faq, and reel big fish contact information.

  • Frank's Aquarium and Freshwater Shrimp Farm
    Supplies freshwater shrimp and crabs, equipment, ornaments and food.

  • The Fish Store & More
    Offers reef aquariums including marine fish, corals, discus and inverts.

  • Utah Koi
    Koi and various pond supplies.

  • Dallas North Aquarium
    Dallas retail store. Offers live fresh and salt water fish, invertebrates, corals, and supplies.

  • Global Aquarium Supply
    Supplies and livestock for your reef or salt water fish marine fish tank.

  • Coral Logic
    General aquarium supply retailer specializing in aquacultured corals.

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