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Galleries of fish in aquarium tanks and in the ocean, tropical fish pictures, jellyfish, goldfish, clownfish picture and many more species of fish pictures including basic information of the various types of fish, salt water and fresh water fish pictures

Welcome to our wonderful world of fish. We hope the information here is of value to you. There are many reasons to be interested in fish, you may be keen on tropical fish and want some information on setting up your own tropical fish tank at home, or you may already have a tank set up and want to find some more species for it, or you may be keen on fishing and are interested in the species in your area that are good sports fishing or good eating fish. You may even be interested in great ways to cook fish, or maybe your looking to buy some fish oils for its medicinal value, whatever your interest we hope to be able to help you here, even if its for a school project your working on, or you just love Nemo, we have pictures and information right here for you, so please take your time and look around our "wonderful world of fish" we have put this site together to help you out so feel free, take a look through these pages, you'll be happy you did! From the feeding habits of Starfish to the symbiotic relationship of Clown fish and anemones, from the mating habits of cuttle fish to the bizarre activities of the Puffer fish, and the dangers of Jelly fish to the destructive habits of the Parrot fish, its all here. Did you know that the Japanese consider Puffer Fish an extravagant delicacy, even though it is very poisonous and many people die each year from eating it! We have plenty of tips if your looking at aquariums, with some interesting suggestions on some different species that could be the new jewel of your home aquarium. Even if you simply like to look at fish pictures, then this is the place for you. come on in and take a look around.

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